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Join Tomas Rodriguez as he uncovers the latest news developments in Europe and the world for student-run media at SUNY Oswego. What started off with Rodriguez serving as a foreign correspondent for WTOP-10 based out of Madrid, Spain, will now expand onto WNYO as Tomas uncovers how the latest COVID-19 global news developments impact SUNY Oswego international alumni around the world. You can follow Tomas on Twitter at @TomasFRoBeltran. You can also find the podcast on Twitter at @Behind MaskWNYO.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 10: Nirdishtha Sapkota of Nepal explains government restrictions, relations with neighboring India throughout the pandemic.

    During this episode of "Behind the Mask," Tomas meets with Nirdishtha Sapkota to discuss her native country of Nepal. During the pandemic, Nepal has relied on India heavily as it relates to receiving medical supplies and other essential goods. Nepal has also recently enforced a 15-day lockdown in an effort to ...


  2. Episode 9: Wataru Yatabe of Japan explains COVID-19 restrictions, government ahead of postponed Olympics

    Just three months shy of hosting the postponed summer Olympics, Japan experienced an increasing number of coronavirus cases. As a result, Japan is reportedly placing Tokyo among other prefectures under a 'quasi-emergency state' to slow the spread of the virus ahead of the games. The pandemic has also impacted the retail ...


  3. Episode 8: Chamanka Gamage of Sri Lanka discusses economic crisis and good samaritan efforts

    Sri Lanka currently faces an unprecedented economic crisis due to a heavy reliance on global trade and tourism that has slowed due to the pandemic. This has led thousands to lose their jobs. Despite the situation, people like Chamanka, who is involved with several NGOs, have offered to help underprivileged ...


  4. Episode 7: Valentina Solonos of Cyprus explains government regulations during lockdown

    Cyprus is conducting a thorough surveillance campaign in order to stymie the spread of COVID-19. If residents leave the house, they must send a text message to a government-monitored phone number; the government has made different numbers available depending on the reason for leaving the house. Each message grants a ...


  5. Episode 6: Fem Koymen of Turkey on the government response to the pandemic

    For some time, Turkish health authorities had only been reporting the most severe coronavirus cases that required hospitalization, a situation they reversed only a few months ago. While Turkey just recently surpassed 30,000 deaths and breached the 3 million case mark, the country now faces an unprecedented economic crisis. ...