Behind the Mask

Join Tomas Rodriguez as he uncovers the latest news developments in Europe and the world for student-run media at SUNY Oswego. What started off with Rodriguez serving as a foreign correspondent for WTOP-10 based out ...more

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September 18, 2021 00:18:32
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Baye Massene Diallo of Senegal Explains Curfews, Process of Arriving in the U.S.

At first, residents of Senegal were hesitant to wear their face masks until the government threatened to penalize those who didn't comply. Throughout the...



September 11, 2021 00:18:36
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Clarissa Karki of Nepal explains recession, government penalties

Resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Nepal faced an economic recession, which resulted in many losing their jobs as well as shortages in food and...



September 04, 2021 00:18:20
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Jay Holder shares Tokyo 2020 Olympic experience amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The opening episode for the podcast's second season features Jay Holder, a 2005 graduate of SUNY Oswego who served as the deputy venue media...



May 01, 2021 00:21:13
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Episode 10: Nirdishtha Sapkota of Nepal explains government restrictions, relations with neighboring India throughout the pandemic.

During this episode of "Behind the Mask," Tomas meets with Nirdishtha Sapkota to discuss her native country of Nepal. During the pandemic, Nepal has...



April 10, 2021 00:19:00
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Episode 9: Wataru Yatabe of Japan explains COVID-19 restrictions, government ahead of postponed Olympics

Just three months shy of hosting the postponed summer Olympics, Japan experienced an increasing number of coronavirus cases. As a result, Japan is reportedly...



April 08, 2021 00:20:30
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Episode 8: Chamanka Gamage of Sri Lanka discusses economic crisis and good samaritan efforts

Sri Lanka currently faces an unprecedented economic crisis due to a heavy reliance on global trade and tourism that has slowed due to the...